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Early Head Start

Early Head Start is a program formed through a partnership between state education groups and community organizations. The program is designed to provide parents of infants and toddlers with excellent educational services to ensure a successful transition into school life. The program focuses on developing helpful relationships between families and caregivers and, in some cases, even covers the full range of family needs up the child's 3rd birthday.

Tallatoona Community Action Partnership is the organization in charge of Early Head Start enrollment. Click here to get the process started with them!

Legal notice: The Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership (EHS-CCP) services delivered by PPA are provided under contract to Tallatoona Community Action Partnership, Inc. (TCAP). TCAP's EHS-CCP is funded by a Federal grant received from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The EHS-CCP program is operated on a nondiscriminatory basis.

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To ensure the best possible intro to education for your preschooler, we use the 6th Edition Creative Curriculum for Preschool. The curriculum, which emphasizes exploration and discovery as important parts of the learning process, is periodically reviewed and re-approved by the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, so your young learner is always learning their ABC's and 123's in the most updated and FUN way!

We keep the kids interested in learning by pairing the Creative Curriculum with:

  • Music and movement

  • Hands-on teaching techniques

  • Fun and immersive learning games

  • Frequent art projects to keep the creative juices flowing

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Georgia Dept of Early Care and Learning.

GA Pre-K

Paulding Prep is proud to be able to offer GA Pre-K, a state lottery-funded program, to qualifying students in order to prepare them for Kindergarten and grade school after that. To qualify for registration and enrollment, students must be GA residents and must be turning 4 years old before September 1st of the current school year.

Fun and playtime: Each classroom has direct access to the playground so the kids can easily burn off steam after a day of learning

Technology and equipment: computers, iPads, reading corners, dress up and career stations and much, much more

Student attention: two teachers (lead and assistant) in each class for individualized attention; lessons and activities catered to children's learning style

Parents interested in enrolling their child in GA Pre-K must do so according to the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning's standards. To make it easier, we have gathered some of the needed documents for you.

Click here to get the enrollment process started!

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Before & After School

It's okay, we get it. Whether you work or stay at home, sometimes matters other than your children require your attention. That's why we offer before and after school care for all of our students and parents. Every weekday morning, from 6 - 8 am, one of our dedicated teachers is onsite to welcome you and your child with a warm, nutritious breakfast to fuel them for the day; we take them too school afterward too!

And for days when you need to stay late at work or the traffic just seems to stand still, we are available until 6:30 pm to make sure your child is always supervised and attended to - and we make sure the learning doesn't end just because they leave their schools. As soon as they get to our campus in the afternoon, they are given energizing and nutritious snacks, then encouraged to review their school lessons and complete homework; and of course, our state-certified teachers are on hand to help.

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Summer Transition Program (STP)

The Summer Transition Program (STP) is a 2-3 month long program designed to help outgoing Pre-K students build the skills and confidence needed to adjust to Kindergarten successfully. By combining small class sizes with the state of the art Opening the World of Learning (OWL) Curriculum, STP works to build up the kids'vocabulary, language, and literacy abilities and give them the best foot forward to enter "big school".


STP provides support for parents, in the form of informative workshops designed to give parents some of the same insider knowledge of early childhood development that our teachers have. Additionally, parents have several opportunities to participate in fun learning games and earn prizes, including:

  • new kitchen appliances!

  • Visa gift cards!

  • free school supplies!

  • free children's clothes and shoes!

and the best part about STP is that it's

100% FREE!!

(and we do mean, 100%)

Spaces are limited so send us a note, give us a call or come see us to see about enrolling your child in STP.

School Breaks

Learning is not limited to the classroom or the school year; we know that it can take place anytime, anywhere and we don't take that fact for granted. So, the same way we strive to set a standard in education and before/after school care is the same way that we work endlessly to create the most fun and educationally beneficial break programs for your child.


We partner with several local area organizations and day camps to provide a variety of field trips, guest visits, and activities that capture your children's interests, stimulate their imaginations and most of all teach them something. In the past we have at our center, had:

  • Lessons in fire safety from the Paulding County Fire Department!

  • Proof that dental care can be fun from practicing area dentists!

  • Fun, fitness days at the parks!

  • Retro-style skate parties at skating rinks!

  • Movie matinees at theaters!



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And we have even more planned for this year!

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