About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands

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"You're never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child."

-Dr. Suess

It was on this philosophy that Paulding Prep Academy was founded in 2006. Here, we believe that everyone - old, young, educated, or not - has special knowledge worth passing to today's children.


Now more than ever, children learn much of what they know from social media and digital screens; and while modernization can absolutely be a good thing, we think pairing that modernization with more traditional, hands on approaches is much more likely to yield better understandings.


This philosophy, combined with our proven methods, fun supplementary educational programs and GA Pre-K standards, lets us guarantee that your child will come home everyday, excited to show you what new thing they've learned.


Paulding Prep Academy is a Quality Rated center that is also licensed by Georgia's Department of Early Care and Learning program, Bright From the Start.

Your Child's Safety

Dropping your child off for preschool everyday shouldn't come with worries of their well being. That's why at Paulding Prep, we take several measures to ensure the safety of your children.


First, our building is equipped with a state of the art alarm system designed to alert our staff every time the front or side doors are opened. With this, we are fully aware of all movement in and out of the building.


Secondly, our entire center is under 24 hour video surveillance to make sure that things are always safe and secure; and lastly, our friendly and caring teachers are certified in several methods that ensure the health, safety and defense of our students. 

At PPA, we make sure that nothing disrupts the safe learning environment we work diligently to provide!

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Our Team

We've always believed that it takes a village to raise a child, so we pride ourselves on the "home-away-from-home" atmosphere we create for our students. Each of our state certified teachers work hard to ensure that your kids are well cared for and showered with attention from the moment they walk through our doors to the moment you pick them up; and since most of our instructors are parents themselves, they understand your individual childcare concerns and work, as a team, to show your kids all the patience, care and affection they show their own.

"Our teachers work hard to show your kids all the patience, care and affection they show

their own."

Always Getting Better

Our teachers' dedication to your children means that they're constantly going out of their way to learn more about providing excellent care. So even though we have exceptional teachers like Ms. Freda (on the right, in picture) with 25 years of educational experience and knowledge of several teaching settings, our team attends training programs provided by the Georgia Department of Early Childcare and Learning to refresh our prior knowledge and gain new insights.

Throughout the academic year and even over the summer, we continue learning about topics such as quality child care, effective safety procedures and innovative teaching methods; all for the sake of self-improvement and giving your child the very best!

"Even with their many years of experience, our exceptional teachers, like Ms. Freda, are constantly learning more about providing excellent care."

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Our Director

A former bank manager and mother of three, Ms. Linda understands and identifies with most parents' struggle to find quality care for their kids. While at the bank, she realized that there were too few places one could trust to properly care for children so she founded Paulding Prep Academy to remedy the situation and help set standards in education and childcare. Present five days a week for interaction with parents, Ms. Lynda combines her knowledge and experience as a mother with her deep passion for learning and intellectual development to provide PPA's students with safety, individualized attention, mental stimulation and fun!