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8 Precautions We're Taking to Limit the Spread of COVID19

Image by Kelly Sikkema

At PPA, we strive to create an environment that's an extension of the care and tenderness you give your kids at home but that care and tenderness is not only for the kids; especially during times like this when we must all work together to keep each other safe and healthy.


With the health and well-being of all members of the PPA family in mind, here are some things we are doing to limit the spread of COVID 19 within our walls:

  • Checking all parents', staff and childrens' temperatures at the door with no-contact thermometers.

  • Making sure that all staff members wear masks and face coverings and wash their hands frequently.

  • Restricting classroom access to staff and children only. All PPA classrooms have doors with windows that all parents to maintain visibility.

  • Insisting that EVERY visitor that enters our building as well as children 3 years old and up wears a mask.

  • Limiting building access/entry to persons with no COVID 19 symptoms including temperatures above 99.9°F and no household members who have tested positive for COVID 19.

  • Sanitizing all toys, shared surfaces and equipment multiple times throughout the day.

  • Staggering building opening/arrival times in order to limit the amount of people in the building at once.

  • Asking that all sick children be kept at home to limit possible exposure to them AND to the healthy children.

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